Ngrane is partnering up! We’re happy to announce a team of creators and thinkers who will provide you with full-service digital platform solutions.

We’re always looking for new opportunities to grow as a business and community. So when we got together with Paul de Bijl (Radicand Economics) and Nicolai van Gorp (e-Conomics) to discuss a new partnership, we were more than just a little excited.

Meet our new partners

Paul de Bijl and Nicolai van Gorp are seasoned consultants with an expertise in the economics of competition and strategy. They have advised governments and businesses on how to respond to the changing competitive landscape resulting from digitalisation. They also provide executive training at Nyenrode Business University on digital business models and strategy. For a number of clients, Paul and Nicolai organised Digital Business Model workshops. These are one-day workshops to guide businesses in translating a first idea for a digital platform to a concrete and strategically sound business and revenue model. Recent clients include Heijmans, PharmAccess and Nyenrode Business University.

The option to go full-service

Our skills in the realisation of digital platforms now meet those of Paul and Nicolai in designing business models and strategies to fully utilize network effects and other unique features of digital platforms that determine success. This way, we are able to offer an integrated, full-service approach to platform design and realisation. We support the customer’s digital transformation by converting ideas into finding actionable insights to creating a business model and accompanying prototypes, digital products and solutions.

Platforms, revolutionizing industries

Today, every industry is or will be shaken up by digital platforms.

The core function of a platform is to facilitate interactions among and between groups of users by means of an infrastructure and a set of rules. This principle can be applied in every industry to address a wide variety of market frictions. Once the number of users has passed a critical mass, network effects will drive the platform’s growth exponentially and completely change existing bargaining positions along the value chain. Many companies already have become dependent on platforms as a way to reach their customers, other companies have become entirely obsolete as platforms facilitate their suppliers to bypass them and interact directly with end-users. Labour markets are overturned, as well as finance, logistics, real estate, tourism, et cetera, and more will follow.

It is not helpful to ask whether your company could be replaced by a platform or if it becomes too dependent on it. Think in terms of possibilities. Think especially about frictions in the market in which you are active that can be reduced. Can you come up with a platform to address a friction? Can this save costs for you? Can this save costs for others? If so, be the first to set up this platform so that you not only realise those cost savings for yourself but also benefit from the cost savings by others. A nice extra is that if your current business becomes obsolete in the future, it is probably because of your own platform and not that of another.

How will it work

Our alliance provides our customers with the possibility to go from idea to a business model, to a working prototype in a 1-2 week design sprint. After this, ideas can be tested to create a validated digital platform. The partnership will offer customers the ability to innovate fast and answer critical business questions early that result in saving time and costs and reducing risk.

In addition to the Ngrane partnering and branding, Radicand Economics and e-Conomics will remain active in economic consulting under their own brand names.