Photo credit: Angela Tellier

Two months ago, I joined the Ngrane family, teaming up with Stephen and David to build the hybrid model for the new workforce: part traditional agency and part freelance talent platform. As an experienced recruiter, I have taken on the challenge to innovate the trade I work in.

The goal now for Ngrane is to create a haven of support and collaboration in which I have become the ‘Chief Of Talent’. Working as an intermediate between digital specialists and the businesses that seek their unique expertise as well as boosting talent acquisition.

The industry asked, we’re making it happen. As the number of freelancers and the demand for their specialized skills is skyrocketing, so is the request to smoothen out this process between the two. We believe that as the way we work has taken a new route, so should recruitment. Which is why we started Ngrane’it as a separate unit from the Ngrane Digital Agency. It is a platform with personality that caters to unique digital talents and couples them with brands in need of their skills, both as flexible freelancers or long-term and on-site.

So far so good, as we’ve got our first success story on our hands: creating a perfect match digital talent and the company, Ernst & young.

Now that Ngrane’it is officially live, we’re looking to join forces. So, is your talent digital? Are you looking for exciting new projects to work on? Or is your business looking for specific expertise?

Send me a mail, call me (+31 614222952) or come over and meet the team!