Sometimes our creative spark and boundless brain power can use a little fuel. We like to call that fuel music. We bring a monthly series of audio life hacks, tailored to our own individual journeys. So, turn up the volume and let us guide you through our personal soundtracks for success!


You’re all set up: your phone is silent and hidden safely, your workspace tidy and your coffee is in arm’s reach. All you need is that perfect playlist to squeeze all those creative juices and just get the project off the ground. Well, Ngrane’s got you covered. From five of our team, we share you our musical recipes that will help get the ball rolling.

To stay in the music theme: “they may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” pretty much sums up what kind of music we love to get started on a project with. Each of us agreed that our not-so-humble beginning need some type of escape into our own creative clouds. What that magic safe space is and how we get there however, varies with each of us. Press play and find out…

Cinematic concentration

Who: David van Delden
What I do: Creative Director
Song title to describe my life: In the end (Linkin Park)

For me, soundtracks are the sweet spot when it comes to setting me up for that perfect burst into creativity. I see each new project as a story that unfolds and soundtracks will feed the narratives of my creativity seamlessly. I want to feel like the hero of this project, embarking on my next nail-bitingly exciting adventure. These soundtracks have beautiful build ups, evoke different moods and master emotional input; serving as endless inspiration for my thought process.

The Interstellar soundtrack never fails to inspire me. It is created by my all-time favorite score composer Hans Zimmer, known for his many iconic sounds in the movie industry. It overwhelms in cinematic emotion, balancing ethereal tracks with bold and loud organs and has a certain touch of spirituality; which I love. Tron is another soundtrack gem, it’s futuristic and riveting, sweeping you up in its excitement and pure vigor.

Intergalactic lift off

Who: Jeffrey Goodett
What I do: Graphic/ Motion designer
Song title to describe my life: Electric Relaxation (A Tribe called Quest)

At the start of every project is when I need to be at the peak of my creativity. This is when my imagination fires from my brain straight into something visual. To make way for that magic passage of creativity I need to make sure my mind is cleared up with zero distractions. One way of doing that is with music which creates an isolated aura around me, and lets me kick back and relax.

The sounds I listen to when getting started, usually have a lounging feel with subtle trippy undertone. I want to feel like I’m travelling to outer space; my work is the galaxy I need to get launched into. What really oils my brain and brings forth all its visual glory are mostly instrumental tunes, so no singing just laid-back vibes. When I do listen to songs with vocals I prefer soft, melodic and subtle woman’s voices. Think Sade or Sia (Zero 7), they both have a calming effect instead of distracting.

Starry-eyed superpower

Who: Annabel van Eijk
What I do: Copywriter
Song title to describe my life: I’m not a girl, not yet a woman (Britney Spears)

When I’ve got a blank page in front of me that needs to be decorated with words, I need to ease myself into this whole situation. I can’t start off right away super-efficient upbeat electronic music. I want to roam through my imagination with starry-eyed songs that let me visualize things and words and sentences before I type them out. I need to slowly creep up into creativity, before I start typing like a maniac.

Ok so when I say dreamy, I don’t mean super vague moody songs full of emotions that will either have me feel sleepy or sad. There is such a thing as thinking too much. It needs a certain confidence and exciting energy; like the type of music in a movie scene when a girl breaks up with a guy, packs up her stuff and struts the streets in slow-mo because great new things are coming her way. I want to be that girl. Flipping the page to a new chapter. Instead of a new life it’s a word document, but who cares.

Sicker than your average

Who: Rutger Kinkelaar
What I do: UX-designer/researcher/intern
Song title to describe my life: Sober thoughts (GoldLink)

When starting a project, I want to feel untouchable. I need somewhat of a confidence boost and I need to feel 100% focused and concentrated. And there is only one solution to that: music. In particular I’d go for some evergreens in Hip-hop, balanced out with some talented new school rappers. The songs I have chosen stand for power and art. What could possibly be better to start my projects?

In this stage, I want to be swept up by a certain flow; floating on smooth bars and beats. You could say I idolize Hip-Hop legends on many different fronts (hence the life-size Biggie poster on my wall) but mostly for how well they can create more depth into my thoughts. I like the songs to feel familiar, rapping along won’t do my concentration any harm; although it may hinder that of my neighbour…

Soul replenishment

Who: Rieven Martis
What I do: Back-end and front-end developer
Song title to describe my life: It’s my life (Talk Talk)

It’s all about that deeper connection! To get me started on a project I’ll listen to songs that I can relate to on an emotional level. Besides enthralling tunes, I like getting swept up by lyrics as well, it’s like poetry that is especially intensified when aligned with my past or future. There’s something about falling into different fantasies that really boosts my concentration and creativity.

The type of music I listen to also depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I could be in a lighter, quieter mood which suits more spiritual music, engaging my brain in a subconscious way. But sometimes I need a little fuel for all the energy I have! So, then Rock or Reggae or Latin will be more than perfect. Last but not least, I’m always down for some thumping Hip-hop.