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Social security based on solidarity, poured into an innovative system

To have an idea, the means to execute it, and the will to put it to work – doesn’t immediately pave the way to success. Edward Belgraver came to us with a plan.
He needed a website design within one month that could inform people about this innovative, radical idea to reform the Dutch social system.

In a nutshell

  • One day of Creative Session
  • One designer, one copywriter, one digital marketeer, two entrepreneurs, and one content creator
  • Delivery in one month

The briefing

Define a design, a brand look & feel, a tone-of-voice, and create the first version of a web design for DeWerkgever.

The next steps

Edward needed a team to work with him. To work out the details, the brand, and to solidify his idea.

A Creative Session with Ngrane provided exactly what Edward needed to take his idea a step forward. Now, a fully investigated brand is ready to enter the market, with a website that resonates with the mission.

The story of

Edward is an entrepreneur with a legal background. He is very politically engaged and often speaks his mind in columns. He is the brain behind; a system where freelancers can manage their affairs in full control without further hassle.

Driven by a passion for creating a better and fairer world, Edward came up with the initiative of A cooperation that enables a contract-free labor market in which everyone has a just perspective on life with the certainty of a fair income.

A Creative Session

The philosophy behind was already set in stone. The challenge was creating the brand, tone of voice, and, most importantly, the design for the website. To create the look and feel for And, of course: the translation of a complicated subject into a comprehensible story that even a six-year-old would understand.

To accomplish this, we organized one day with six experts. A designer, a business professional, a copywriter, a marketing specialist, a content creator, and Edward himself.

Buyer Persona

Understanding your target group through a buyer persona

Who exactly is the target group? Who would be the perfect person to join the cooperation?

Modeled after an entrepreneur with a moderate business struggling to offer their employees the right conditions because of the current laws and regulations, we made a buyer persona.

Brand Archetype

Aligning your brand to the target group with a brand archetype

Archetypes will give your brand a direction; a sense of identity. Brand archetypes guide your brand to a certain color palette, a tone of voice, and a certain style. When chosen with care, brand archetypes have the power to reflect brands’ personality. Which, in turn, can align better with the buyer persona.

Site architecture

Establishing a hierarchical structure for easy information access

Next, all the information was put together, and the ideation process for the website design started.

By using the MoSCoW method, the essentials for the design and content were researched. The decision-making was led by the content creator and designer.

A website that reflects security

Within one month, the idea was developed into a tangible design.

The website’s design embraces optimism and change, with a warm glow of yellow mixed with reassuring blues. By using interactive elements, the website gives a sense of empowerment to the visitors, who can recognize themselves in the revolving faces on the above-fold. The images reflect a diverse group of people, who could be spread across every segment of the job market. We used B1 language, that’s a Dutch standard signifying a kind of language that could be understood by the majority of the society.

A website that reflects a better society

The development of the website is going to be done in two stages. Firstly, the framework will be made. The second stage will be about getting all the technical aspects right.

Live website (Phase 1)

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