Communication is crucial.And that's where Het Leertheater comes in.

Het Leertheater specializes in internal communication at work. They can help you handle crucial conversations with high stakes, guide you in situations with different opinions or strong emotions.

Het Leertheater will teach you dialogue principals and practical skills, demonstrated through theatre and roleplay.

We also designed their brand new logo

We made use of the Brand Archetypes to create a logo that fits their personality.

If you look closely, you will see that their own training methods are reflected in the colors we used for the logo.

A website that invites

The website invites you to come and play.
The minimalistic, yet playful elements make you feel comfortable and willing to learn.

The design has a high focus on lead conversion. The clear copy, personal photography and the distinct call-to-actions guide the user towards making contact with Het Leertheater.

How technology connects us

We shot footage that embodies CRM Partners’ vision on connection and technology. Humanizing interaction and personalizing experiences are values that are evident in all images.

Ngrane CRM Partners case photography

Effectively integrate technology

Being a partner of Microsoft, CRM Partners needed their CRM tools being integrated into the new website.
A technical challenge we didn’t shy away from.

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