The Brief

DolfijnFm's aim was to take their large following beyond the realms of radio and strengthen their connection in a fun way. A connection that is rooted in all the joy of Island life, sweeping the traveller off their feet with Caribbean charm.

The Traveller

The main target group are Dutch travellers with an affinity for the Dutch Caribbean. They’re attracted by that relaxed lifestyle, lazing around on the luscious beaches and occasionally partaking in the many adventures on offer.

The Customer Journey

The goal of this platform is to always be by the traveller’s side, from the inspirational ‘dream phase’ to their journey back home. This made DolfijnGO unmissable for any Dutch person travelling to the islands.

The result was DolfijnGO; a travel platform that offers relevant and real-time content about the Caribbean islands popular for Dutch travellers: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint-Maarten. DolfijnFM went from fresh tunes to becoming the freshest source of all things ‘Island Life’, through informative yet highly inspirational content. With a cross-media approach it brings the holiday experience to a digital life with snackable high quality content, beautiful photography and riveting videos.

Dreamy Inspirational phase:

The journey starts by awakening the imagination of the traveller. Creating stunning content that will trigger them to dream up magical holidays and show the many sides that the islands have to offer. Here it was important we stayed relevant and engaging through contests and exclusive offers

Planning & bookings phase:

Now it’s all down to the planning and booking. Very soon this can be done directly on the DolfijnGO website. So not only can that hotel inspire you to have a seaside view room, you can book it directly, along with events, restaurants, villas and tours.

Ready for departure

Staying in arms reach with the traveller just before they depart to their holiday destination. Last minute question? Still want to check where that hotel is? All they need to do is go back to our website to quickly find what they need.

Back across the ocean

Sometimes the best things in life don’t last. But with Social media and a travellers digital documentation, travellers are loaded in content and it’s our job to help then share this with us as well as fun videos and reviews. We worked with DolfijnFM’s hashtag #TURNONTHEBEACH so that people can keep sharing content and stay affiliated with the Dolfijn brand.

DolfijnGO is visited by anyone interested in the Caribbean Islands. Not only travellers, but also Dutch interns located on the popular Curaçao, people interested in the Dolfijn Events in renowned venues and anyone looking for exciting new experiences on the islands.

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