Photo credit: Angela Tellier

The Amsterdam-based Consultancy Company First Consulting stands for “Out of the box and no-nonsense.” Until recently the website of the consultancy company did not convey this core message. However, Ngrane stepped in and changed this by completely revitalizing the website.

Maarten Icking, the founder of First Consulting said,

“Stephen, David and all the other professionals from Ngrane have really offered us a complete solution. And that is more than good.”

The question

With 210 employees, 40 leading clients and offering high-quality services, First Consulting is an important player in the consultancy market. Maarten said, “The old website did not meet our expectations, and that’s why we turned for help to creative director David van Delden and Managing-Partner Stephen Garcia from Ngrane. We wanted to professionally put First Consulting Online back on the map, portraying us as a young and fresh consulting company.”

Why did First Consulting go for Ngrane?

The choice was quick. Because where First Consulting offers end-to-end consultancy services, Ngrane also offers a complete solution for online shortcomings. We were responsible for the online strategy, design, development, texts in Dutch and English, Photography and video. Maarten continued, “We were care-free throughout the robust process.”

How does Ngrane do it?

The secret behind Ngrane’s full-Service solutions lies within the unique concept that we use: a hybrid collective model. In short, Ngrane works with a core team and a community of more than 50 digital experts. The core team has the most critical task, and that is the creation of long-term relationships with both clients and freelancers from the network.

David from Ngrane said,

“With our community of freelancers, we can appoint a team of professionals per project. We, therefore, offer customized service.”

What did we like about this project!

Maarten from First Consulting said, “We have a lot in common. Just like us, Ngrane goes for exceptional quality: they are sharp, surprise us with smart ideas and are effective. Hence, no-nonsense. They are also bold. If they don’t agree, they certainly initiate a debate which in return builds up trust. “Ngrane also found this project informative. “What I found inspirational about First Consulting is their attention to the human aspect. Personal growth, short lines, and a real connection between people, and that’s what it’s all about,” said David.

Ngrane and First Consulting both said:

“We are not only happy with the result, but also with the whole journey.”