Researching for the Iconic Images

The journey began by delving deep into historical archives, books, and local sources to uncover visual representations and descriptions of the iconic individuals who shaped Curaçao’s history. This meticulous research formed the foundation for our artistic vision, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of our reimagined images.

Leveraging Midjourney

To realize our vision of blending the past with modern aesthetics, we harnessed the power of generative AI through Midjourney.

Midjourney is an AI model that converts text prompts into images.

We inputted the researched images along with specific prompts to create cinematic scenes.

For example, we envisioned the first prime minister of The Netherlands Antilles arriving at Schiphol Airport in 1950, surrounded by men in suits, with natural and backlighting from the airport lights. By specifying details such as camera settings, we aimed to capture the essence of the original images while infusing a contemporary vibe.

Original Image
Images generated through Midjourney

The creative process involves iteration and continuous refinement. We carefully reviewed the outputs generated by Midjourney, seeking to strike the perfect balance between historical accuracy and our desired artistic flair. Multiple iterations allowed us to fine-tune the overall vibe of each image until we were satisfied with the seamless blend of the original and modern aesthetics.

The chosen image

Achieving Facial Consistency with InsightFaceSwap

While Midjourney provided a solid foundation, we acknowledged the challenge of maintaining facial consistency between the AI-generated images and the original photographs. To address this, we employed InsightFaceSwap, a powerful faceswap bot on Discord. This tool enabled us to replace the AI-generated faces with facial features from the original images, ensuring a faithful representation of the historical figures.

Enhancing Details with Photoshop's Generative Fill

Even with the faceswap, certain facial features like beards and glasses required further refinement to match the original images seamlessly. Here, we turned to the recently released beta feature of Adobe Photoshop, Generative Fill. We meticulously addressed minor inconsistencies with Generative Fill and perfected the facial details, breathing life into the reimagined images.

The Birth of a Reimagined Series

Reviving Curaçao’s legends through the creative use of AI has showcased technology’s transformative capabilities in art and storytelling. By combining extensive research, AI tools like Midjourney and InsightFaceSwap, and leveraging Photoshop’s Generative Fill, we were able to bring the historical figures back to life in a visually captivating manner. This endeavor serves as a testament to the power of AI to bridge the gap between the past and the present, fostering a deeper appreciation for our cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Here are the final images!

As creators, we recognize the immense potential of AI in storytelling and artistic expression. This project serves as a callout to all creatives to explore AI’s boundless possibilities.

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