What's in the white paper?

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to use principles from Design Thinking and the Design Sprint to your advantage
  • Learn what kind of difference it can make to invite different perspectives & experts to the table
  • Receive free templates for two of the most useful exercises we use
  • Learn how to save time, effort, and money by optimizing your design processes

This white paper shows how a Creative Session can transform your (website) idea’s into a proof of concept. In just a few days.

This white paper takes you on a brief journey through the history of Design Sprint and Design Thinking. Why these methods have inspired teams all over the world to design differently. The white paper also describes how Ngrane’s Creative Session works and what it could look like. And, of course: how it can help you move forward.

"The Creative Sessions are designed to dig deeper into your business idea, your existing business, or obstacles you’re experiencing. The Session will push you forward, guided by several experts. See your idea, business, or service transform in just into a proof of concept in just a few days"

Moreover, the white paper consists of two frequently used exercises. Knowing your target audience is of utmost importance when finding a solution to a problem. You have to understand what problem it is you’re trying to solve. It’s also vital to try and think out of the box when coming up with a solution.

Try these exercises right away with the handy templates in the white paper!

How to make a buyer persona exercise

This exercise helps you define a buyer persona. A sort of archetype, based on your experience with customers. And the customer you would like to attract. Read all about what you need to create the ultimate buyer persona.

Crazy 8 exercise

The most used exercise in Design Sprints: the Crazy 8s. It’s crazy because it’s all about sketching as fast as possible. Although this sketching exercise can be intimidating for ones who never hold a pencil, it will push you to think out of the box.

Companies who experienced the Creative Session

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