I remember that during my previous internship, I was pretty nervous about coming to the office for the first time – adapting to an unexplored environment, getting to know my new colleagues, aligning my upcoming work approach to the one that the internship company has. Something about it sounded terrifying to me. Not this time though.

It might have been due to my focus on picking up my bike before going to the office. However, after I survived biking in the streets and getting lost multiple times, I entered a different world.

It felt creative, warm, friendly, and the fact that I came to the office right before lunch break transmitted into a wide spectrum of smells across the whole floor.

Time to work

After the lunch break, we started with my onboarding process. First of all, we set up my company email, company signature and after that, I got a form that every new member needs to fill in. Furthermore, we had to shoot a video of me responding to the questions from that form to use as content for Ngrane’s social media as my introduction to the community (check it out if you haven’t already).

After I got all the passwords, links, and software that I am about to work on within the upcoming months, I was ready-set-go. To align with the company’s business ideas, I started with an online course on Hubspot academy that Ngrane uses to train their staff. I was assigned to a course that focused on inbound marketing since that is in general the main philosophy of Ngrane – providing the right content in the right context. By the end of this course, I felt enriched by the newly gained knowledge that showed me marketing in a bit different (less pushy) light.

The upcoming days were only focused on me getting familiar with the environment, which was certainly needed. I must say that I totally fell in love with the office space at ZOKU, which we share with other companies and freelancers. It is full of light, a creative atmosphere, constant meetings, and delicious food (if you haven’t tried jackfruit nuggets yet, you should add it to your list).

Moreover, I was participating in daily stand-ups that start every day at 9 am where everyone shares what they are about to work on during that day. I was also getting familiar with the brand guidelines in case I will have a presentation, host a workshop or prepare some agency related document sometime in the future. There were also other softwares for managing projects and also making the work flow easier and more efficient such as Asana or Harvest, but more about them in upcoming blogs. At the end of the first week, I felt tired of course but also thrilled and excited for the upcoming weeks that will surely send some projects my way.

Lessons learned

The learning outcome for the first week was definitely related to the online course that I had to finish in order to get an understanding of how Ngrane communicates.

Besides, I learned about a different approach to marketing that aims for creating valuable content along the buyer’s journey in order to form a relationship with the audience.

On top of that, Ngrane welcomed me with open arms as a new member of the community which I believe will reflect in our collaboration. I bet that’s everything an intern can wish for.

Final Thoughts

First impressions can make wonders and I am glad my first impression with Ngrane was better than I expected. I matched with my colleagues and the environment pretty well. I got an immediate feeling that my upcoming weeks and months at Ngrane will be worth it.

I am so looking forward to seeing my growth as an aspiring UX designer & Project Manager while being surrounded by like-minded professionals who know their craft and are using it to do good.