With notepads in hand and their finest ‘creative yet professional’ outfits, three of our Ngrane family joined the vanguard of the digital future at Emerce eDay. Together with our friends at Dashmote; Rutger, Jefferson and Jongky had two goals: get inspired and meet like-minded people. Having listened to the future-proof ideas and theories of many different thought leaders, they’re sharing an inside scoop into who and what got them most excited.

Vice: Brand Building in the age of content

Mark Adams

Vice is at the forefront of millennial engagement, and there’s a lot we can learn from how they get it done. According to Vice Media’s President and head of innovation, building your brand in the age of content is all about earning trust. Trust you say? How does one just gain trust? Well, for starters take away the ‘just’ part, gaining trust means defining every inch of your company, including its culture.

Vice has got youth culture down. Vice lives it. Vice breathes it. Every person that works for Vice, believes in what they stand for and everything that happens within Vice is exemplary for the brand identity. As Mark Adams put it, instead of solely believing in the product or service they sell, “A brand should believe in itself”. Furthermore, he notes the importance of tapping into the target group’s mindset. Vice, for example, is Savvy and Sophisticated while creating content that is made both for and by the ‘youth’.

Uber: Innovate in a fast-growing company

Patrick Stal

Ah, Uber, that company who disrupted an entire industry and isn’t just going to stop there. Uber is all about innovation which became clear in Patrick Stal’s talk about what that means in a fast-growing company. What we loved most is that what he said about how innovation starts and ends with people. How it is more than just Moonshots or state of the art technology but is really driven by talent.

Stal explains that for Uber, innovation has become all about using this talent to solve problems. These problems define what the user wants: which is the ultimate key to using innovation successfully. He said that: “Innovation is a constant cycle. New problems arise, with new chances and new bridges to build to new horizons.” So as long as you stick to your brand identity, solving problems and branching out can be literally endless. Uber sure hasn’t stopped at taxis, take for example Ubereats or Uberkittens or Uberfly they are all reacting to a certain problem while using the same mentality to solve it.

Liferay: Creating and keeping momentum: Proven principles for exceptional experiences

Edmund Dueck

At Ngrane we’re all about that positive attitude. Which is why we loved the talk by Edmund Dueck from Liferay. We’ve seen many different brands crumble in the face of innovation, all because they didn’t keep that momentum they started off with: they became outdated.

First and foremost, elongating your momentum requires a strong sense of persistence, bravery and an eminently positive attitude. From then on you can get a grip on the two pillars that Dueck said were most important. Yep, he puts the ‘moment’ in ‘momentum’.

The first being “Moments of Truth” as a brand you need to make sure that you’re not only innovating just to make shiny new stuff but that you create useful things that relate strongly to the target group. You need to be insightful into the purest form of truth to nail this part. Once the truth is out there and known to the brand the second pillar arises: “Moments of Connection”. Creating a mutual empathy between you and customers will create loyalty that surpasses any sort of time or trends.