Independer is the number one insurance comparison website in The Netherlands. Since their start in 1999 it has been their mission to create a more transparent and honest financial world. With that in mind, they aim to help customers make better financial decisions by providing clear insights and advice. What sets them apart is the efficiency in which they guide customers and the way in which they tune complex information towards personal situations.

The Challenge

Imagine, you’re looking for a car insurance. You’ve made it to an insurance company’s website and there it is; that daunting and dull form you have to fill in. Independer’s task for Ngrane was to create a more engaging experience for potential customers, seamlessly guiding them through the closing process. Enter ‘chatbot’. Ngrane designed an immersive ‘chatbot’ that is able to tend to and anticipate customers needs with a personal touch. This way, the potential customer is not alone in finding information and answers but is engaged in a real-time conversation. Any extra questions that may be raised can be answered at the speed of light and unnecessary actions will be eliminated by utilizing different data sources of the customer.So what does a ‘chatbot’ actually look like? What questions have to be raised? How do you make this experience personal? With these questions Ngrane got to work.

User Stories

Together with Independer, the team looked at different customer-profiles before designing the ‘chatbot’. These profiles enabled them to create various scenarios, or customer journeys, that may take place within the closing-process. They analyzed what questions may be raised and what needs can be anticipated within the conversation. This pro-active process was focused on a long-term optimization of how Independer could use specialized data-collections and machine learning for their ‘chatbot’. In this way, detailed knowledge will shape the future of customer service and suggestions can be tailor-made to each unique customer.

Ngrane used their knack for creativity to create an immersive one-on-one conversation, going beyond the usual framework of a ‘chatbot’. Instead of ‘the bot asks, you answer’ they made use of suggestions, visual presentations of information and enquiring confirmations. Within the conversation the chatbot will also use artificial intelligence to suggest different answers for the customers, making the process less of a mental strain. The ‘AI’ will also use different sources such as the link between a license plate and address to eliminate more generic questions. If the customer and chatbot are simply not on one wavelength, the customer can choose to ‘talk to an expert’.

Getting lost in a web of information is a thing of the past. Customer service will be an immediate reaction to personal needs; something to enjoy rather than a burden to behold.

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