Photo credit: Angela Tellier

It is already well-known that Ngrane supports companies with all the digital expertise. But Ngrane does more. We are also here for our network of freelancers. That is why we launched Fortefor: the platform for and by freelancers. The platform exists, but how do we enter the market? YFK Marketing supported us with branding, target audience, and product positioning.

The brand

Who is Fortefor? This was the fundamental question when we had to determine the identity of the brand. YFK Marketing asked us acute questions that guided us through the process of formulating the brand’s identity and positioning.

Interactive session

In an interactive session with Ngrane and YFK Marketing, we discussed in more detail the content of the product Fortefor. Who is the target audience, and what do they expect? To what extent does the current Fortefor keep up with that and what can we improve? We wanted to answer these questions by the end of the session.

The spectacles

The first goal of the session was to obtain an insight into our target groups: freelancers and clients of Fortefor. Requirements, needs, strengths and weaknesses of the target audience were all taken into consideration while really looking through the eyes of freelancers and clients. We surely didn’t miss out on the brightly colored walls filled with post-its!

From scratch

We kept the discussion about our target audience open. Because we also wanted to know to what extent Fortefor did fulfill their needs, and which functions could the product still add. We did not look at the current platform, but we started from scratch with deciding the product requirements of both target groups. Prioritizing is now indispensable: which outcomes would we want to continue with and which outcomes are just nice to have?

The result

The fruitful session provided us with two target group profiles and an extensive product profile. With the help of YFK Marketing, Ngrane now has perspective on to which extent there is a fit between freelancers, clients and the product Fortefor.

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