Ngrane Creative Sessions

When facing challenges in your business, perspective is vital. That’s why we bring multiple experts to the table. They share their unique opinions on your website, product, or business idea. As a result, real results can be obtained quickly. In the Ngrane Creative Sessions, we dig deeper into your business idea. Tailored to your specific challenges. 

Real results in just a few days.

Ngrane will be questioning your product, service, or business idea in 2 to 5 days. We ask critical questions, assess what your new business needs, and brainstorm about the possible upgrades you need to succeed. Together we research the market, your direct competitors, and your possibilities to grow and succeed sustainably.

Using creative methods, we get to the core of your challenge. With proven exercises, like those used in the design sprint or the business model canvas, we dig deep and figure out what makes your customers tick

Plan your discovery call

Our approach

1. Discovery

You start with a discovery call with one of our experts. In this discovery call, we define what it is you need, ask, or would like to know, and why a session with Ngrane will kickstart your business. 

2. Framing

After figuring out your challenge, we propose a Creative Session. The session might take one day, two days, or up to five days. Although we can facilitate the sessions online, we prefer a face-to-face session on location in order to maximize the results.

3. Planning

When we have agreed to a session, we’ll start planning. The date, place, and the right people. We start gathering experts and preparing for the session

4. Process

The Creative will be free and open-minded, so everyone can speak their minds. We’ll discuss the questions, we’ll do creative exercises, and we start working towards the deliverables.

5. Results

After the Creative Session, we’ll know what to deliver. It could be a working prototype of a landing page, a digital marketing approach, a brandbook, or an entirely new business model.

With great minds, come great results.

Ngrane Digital Marketing Jean-Paul Manuhutu David van Delden

Why choose for Ngrane?

Next to better results you get:

  • More than just a digital agency. Ngrane stands for safe spaces, anti-bullying, diversity, inclusivity, democracy, equality and above all: freedom.
  • Answers: we provide answers to your questions. Our diverse team is able to quickly consult each other when it comes to complex and strategic questions.
  • Feedback space: we ask for your input and feedback because it helps us perform better.
  • A ton of experience from our team of creatives, consultants, and experts in their field.

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Turn your ideas into real results with the Ngrane Creative Sessions


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Ngrane is an Amsterdam based web agency and a community of creators. We craft digital experiences, offer digital marketing solutions,  content strategies and build platforms.

Become part of a team that focuses on working from the heart. Firstly; we collaborate, craft and create with a community of like-minded people. Secondly, we work with parties that value sustainable solutions and who want to use their business as a force for good. And moreover, we value human connection, sustainable, long-term relationships and the dream to make this world better than we found it.


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