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The right approach for online growth and change

You want to know how your digital marketing can perform better. Or you feel that you have to start with social media, online advertising or e-mail.

We help companies and entrepreneurs. With the right approach and changes, we fully or partly take over your digital marketing optimization.

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You know everything about your products, customers, service and goals.

Our approach

1. The foundation

Before we can start, we want to know everything about you, your team and your company goals.

2. Performance analysis

When we have collected and filtred all relevant information, we make a performance analysis of your digital marketing channels and activities.

3. Action plan

Based on your insights and the collected data, we create a roadmap and an action plan that matches your offline strategy and business objectives. Naturally, we also carry these out.

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Why choose for Ngrane?

Next to better results you get

  • More than just a digital agency. Ngrane stands for safe spaces, anti-bullying, diversity, inclusivity, democracy, equality and above all: freedom.
  • Answers: we provide answers to your questions. Our diverse team is able to quickly consult each other when it comes to complex and strategic questions.
  • Feedback space: we ask for your input and feedback because it helps us perform better.
  • Updates: weekly performance updates and monthly evaluations.
  • 12 years of experience in the digital (marketing) world.

What is marketing?

This is marketing

  • Marketing strives for more. More market share, more customers, more work.
  • Marketing strives for better. Better services, better organizations, better results.
  • Marketing creates culture. Status, connection, our kind of people.
  • Above all, marketing is about change.
  • Change the culture, change your world.
  • Marketers make change happen.

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What our clients say

Who we are

Ngrane is an Amsterdam based web agency and a community of creators. We craft digital experiences, offer digital marketing solutions,  content strategies and build platforms.

Become part of a team that focuses on working from the heart. We collaborate, craft and create with a community of like-minded people. We work with parties that value sustainable solutions and who want to use their business as a force for good. We value human connection, sustainable, long-term relationships and the dream to make this world better than we found it.


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