With a proven track record as managing director in the digital agency landscape, extensive experience in optimizing processes, and a refined taste for sales, we are thrilled to announce that Sebastiaan Terlouw is joining our team.

Sebastiaan and Ngrane go way back. Our creative director, David van Delden worked closely together with Sebastiaan on various international brands. Their collaboration included trips abroad to reimagine insurance in the Caribbean to redesigning in-flight entertainment systems in Dubai. Now, years later, Sebastiaan decided to join and really make a difference at Ngrane.

"Ngrane offers the opportunity to grow - both as a digital professional and as a woodworker. Ngrane offers a structure where both worlds can coincide, which is truly unique and very inspiring."

— Sebastiaan Terlouw,  Head of Delivery at Ngrane

Sebastiaan Terlouw Head of Delivery Ngrane

Next to his work as a digital professional, Sebastiaan crafts unique works of wooden furniture. From bowls and vases to distinctive pieces of furniture and complete interior projects. For Sebastiaan, it’s essential to be able to pour his creativity into tactile work while at the same time challenging his brain.

Sebastiaan is looking forward to further professionalizing Ngrane. He will focus on optimizing our internal processes, which will result in gaining more clarity, consistency, and certainty. Hence, we can achieve better results faster. Together with optimizing the internal processes, Sebastiaan will focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience, improving our products’ quality, and aligning deliveries.

The inclusive approach of Ngrane is what drove Sebastiaan to decide to join the team: “Diversity is really in Ngrane’s DNA. It’s not invented; it’s actually there. Everyone would feel welcome.”

Yet, herein also lies the challenge: making sure the unique personality of Ngrane continues to exist – the ‘start-up’-like spirit, the diversity of the team, focus on inclusivity, and a human-centric approach. Compared to other companies, Ngrane has a human-centered approach in every process. The team is diverse and open-minded, open to change, and ready for challenges. Because Sebastiaan got to know Ngrane very well and has seen our growth over the past ten years, he has gained valuable insights about the company. He is able to implement various insights to optimize several processes.

Our new collaboration will strengthen Ngrane’s internal processes and innovation capabilities and further improve our professional ambitions. We’re very much looking forward to enhancing Ngrane even further.